Jess Green is a jazz inspired singer and songwriter.  She pulls inspiration from artists ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Carol King, Joni Mitchell to Ray Charles, and Diana Krall to Stevie Wonder.  Listening to Jess's music you will hear singable meldodies blended with colors and chord progressions that stretch the boundaries of traditional pop/singer-songwriter music and bring in a subtle but clear undercurrent of jazz. 

Originally from Richmond, Virgina she spent her college years studying jazz and contemporary music at Virginia Tech under Lisanne Lyons, Chip McNeil, and Jamie and Roger Shew.  From there she moved to Austin, Texas where she performed with jazz combos as well as classic rock, pop, and country bands before relocating to Boston, Massachussetts in 2017.

Audiences have described Jessica by saying...

"Jessica's voice and personality combine for an evening where you feel like you've known her your whole life; just having a private concert in the comfort of your living room with best friends and family!"

"Jess Green sings with wit and ease.  She is a good host to the audience and then delivers music with range of sound and emotion."


"Beautiful, rich and full-voiced"

"A talented vocalist who sings with heart.  Passion for what she is doing shines through in her smile."

"...I know how it makes me feel.  I know I'm always going to feel warm and happy"

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